Listing detail page

With a large number of listing detail page layout combinations, Homey helps you be successful in your rental business.

The most important features

Layout manager

Homey offers a layout manager that makes it easy to take control of the listing detail page.


Get your listing details page ready to go with our powerful templates that are easy to use.


Set up your own listing on Homey with the most important features you need.


Homey helps you find the perfect rental property so you can have a client happy and safe.

Booking Forms

Book a cleaner to complete your floor through our easy booking website.

Instant booking

Homey helps you get more work by allowing hosts to sign up for free and get instant booking approval.

Custom prices

Set up custom prices on the higher prices during periods of peak demand, or special events.

Extra prices

Homey is a platform that lets you set extra service prices for a broad range of services.

Nearby Places

Display place of interest to learn about places around your home to rent from.

Start building your successful website with Homey

Homey is the perfect starting point to rent online, manage booking requests, manage customers and create a successful business.